"View NW from Qibla Door"

Interior photographs of and in the Qubbat al-Sakhra (Dome of the Rock), Masjid al-Aqsa, Haram al-Sharif, Jerusalem.

Filename: 9212-1-49.tif
Title: "View NW from Qibla Door"
Location: Masjid al-Aqsa
City/State: Jerusalem al-Quds,
Country: Palestine - Israel

Author/Title: Said Nuseibeh,
Copyright: ©1992 Said Nuseibeh. All Rights Reserved.

Keywords: gold dome, faience, mosque, Islamic, shrine, octagon, Dome of the Rock, Qubbat al-Sakhra, qubbat al-Sakhra, Umayyad, fusaifisa, mosaics, interior, porphyry column, bookmatched marble, quartersawn

Gallery Sequence #: 3

Gallery Title: Dome of the Rock interior views

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