The Fine Print

Most of the photographs in this website were digitized from handmade prints. The production of archival prints (gelatin silver, type C, Ilfochrome and, increasingly, ink jet) for exhibition and sale in galleries, museums, and private collections worldwide has been the mainstay of StudioSaid. Open PDN article on Master Printers (PDF). Some of the pages were prepared from film with an eye toward stimulating interest in exhibiting and collecting work presently in the wings; Iridescence is one such example. We invite you to consider acquiring a hand-made photograph to enhance or enliven your own environment.

The content, format, and imagery of this web site are copyrighted 1971-2012 under United States law and protected by worldwide copyright laws and treaty provisions.* Unauthorized duplication is a violation of law. If you want to re-use anything in whole or in portion, contact the photographer.

We have however, responded to suggestions from our critics, and produced pop-up windows at even higher resolutions. We are also working hard to develop a searchable database of Said Nuseibeh images. We want to empower the viewer with the means for closer inspection, maybe even meditation, and for downloading to a personal computer. (For personal use only.**) By such simple but by no means laborless efforts, we hope to contribute positively to the commonwealth, to stimulate curiosity and mutual understanding, perhaps even provide material for screen comps.

Thank you for your cooperation and your interest.

Tell us what you would like to see evolve from this work.


* Copyright language is the legal and internationally-recognized underpinning whereby artists are compensated for their creative production and rewarded to continue. Saïd Nuseibeh helps subsidize projects, such as future portfolios or this website before your eyes, by others' creative use and reimbursement for certain images. The sale of prints and reproduction rights generates the income to continue our vision and promote ever more humanistic values of photography. Said Nuseibeh welcomes you to participate liberally by thinking of creative ways to give others a look/see, and in a manner that honors market value with the power of remuneration. Consider licensing today.

** Saïd Nuseibeh reserves complete title and full intellectual property rights for all materials from this web site, with one exception. There is a page for links of people/organizations who we have found are simpático and some that at least appear so. In this way (LINKS) we widen the circle and expand the introductions. But since we have not the time to vet every colleague, no link should be considered an explicit endorsement.


Last Revised: 1/11/12